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Build Awesome APIs with Entity Framework Core

.NET Core version 3.1 just came out as of writing this article. It includes a new version of Entity Framework (EF) Core, the next generation of Microsoft’s tried and tested Object Relational Mapper (ORM). Entity Framework has been used alongside ASP.NET for years and has developed a reputation for being an essential tool in any developer’s toolbox for .NET Framework, and now .NET Core. .NET Core now also includes a built-in dependency injection system and class templating for controllers. These features make developing REST APIs remarkably easy.

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Build A Secure Node.js API with KoaJS

Koa is a web framework from the makers of Express. Koa is designed to be middleware-driven and extremely lightweight. It is so lightweight that it comes without any middleware on its own. But not to fear, there are plenty of packages available for basic functionality such as routing, authentication, body parsing, and more. You can also write your own custom middleware— I’ll show you how in this tutorial. Koa prides itself on using async functions allowing developers to move away from callbacks.

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Quickly Build Node.js Apps with Sails.js

Sails.js is an exciting MVC framework for Node.js. Recently the team released version 1.0 and today you’re going to learn how to use the framework to rapidly build a new website. The hype around Sails.js is real. As a veteran MVC developer, I was impressed with the extensibility, organization, flow, and speed Sails.js provides.

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How to Make a CRUD App with Entity Framework Core

ASP.NET Core is Microsoft’s latest iteration of its web framework, which boasts many upgrades over the .Net Framework versions of ASP.NET. ASP.NET Core is cross-platform—meaning you can finally deploy your ASP.NET apps on Linux. It’s open-source which is a massive departure from Microsoft’s previous line of thinking. Most of the new framework should be familiar to veteran ASP.NET developers however there are some new tweaks to get used to.

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How to Build a Secure AWS Lambda API with Node.js and React

Serverless architecture with AWS Lambdas is quickly becoming a popular option for companies looking to deploy applications without the overhead of maintaining servers. AWS Lambda functions are event-driven and serverless—triggered to process a piece of code and return a result. AWS Lambdas can be written in most common languages today on a variety of platforms including .NET Core, Java, Go and, in the case of this post, Node.js.

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Build A Simple Web App with Node and Postgres

Node.js boasts high performance and scalability for web, mobile, or desktop applications. It is one of the fastest-growing and best-supported javascript frameworks available today, and its microservice patterns has made it a hit for modern enterprise applications. PostgreSQL has also risen in popularity, to compete with MySql. The two technologies partner well as a foundation for modern, microservices-based applications.

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Node Microservices: From Zero to Hero

Node is one of the premier frameworks for microservice architecture today. The microservice pattern allows developers to compartmentalize individual components of a larger application infrastructure. Because each component runs independently, you can upgrade or modify components without impacting the larger application. Each component exposes an interface to external consumers who are blind to any internal logic the service does. One of the challenges of working in a microservice environment is the process of one service finding another to call it. Each service runs as an application and has an address that the calling service must find before it can call any functions on its interface. Seneca is a microservice toolkit that helps alleviate this headache by providing the foundations of a microservice application. Seneca markets itself as a toolkit for Node that leaves you free to worry about the business logic in your application.

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.NET Unit Testing: Spend Upfront to Save Later On

There is often a lot of confusion and doubt regarding unit testing when discussing it with stakeholders and clients. Unit testing sometimes sounds the way flossing does to a child, “I already brush my teeth, why do I need to do this?” Suggesting unit testing often sounds like an unnecessary expense for people who consider their testing methods and user acceptance testing strong enough. But Unit Tests are a very powerful tool and are simpler than you may think. In this article, we will take a look at unit testing and what tools are available in DotNet such as Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools and Moq.

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